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Referee Training

Ref Union will soon be teaming up with Ground Floor Officiating to create an online video training program geared towards brand new referees.  The curriculum will be drawn up by veteran Pac-12 official, Kenny Nash, with contributions from other fellow NCAA Division 1 and NBA referees.  It will cover the basics of what you need for success both on the court and in the business world of sports officiating.

These will be individual flat rate (no subscription) lesson plans to infuse new people into the business, backed up by a money back guarantee through lower level work for the Ref Union.

Stay tuned for details!

Divsion 1 Pac-12 official Ken Nash discusses the basketball game with two grassroots youth referees.

And random fun fact:  If you live in Missouri, there's already a great training program out that way already.

Check out Big Game Officials — — and let Sara know that you found her through the Union!

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