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Luke Walton Ejected In Lakers Vs. Kings Game

December 13, 2016

Remember that as a crew, we have to have eyes on all 10 players on the floor.


In the Lakers v. Kings game last night, DeMarcus Cousins and Julius Randle got tangled up but the referees didn't see it because their attention was focused elsewhere. If you freeze this video at the 0:02 mark, you will see the slot official, Aaron Smith, on ball, Matt Boland (the lead official) rotating over looking to the post, and crew chief Monty McCutchen (the trail), well...seemingly ball-watching...and did not catch DeMarcus Cousins taking down Julius Randle out of his peripheral. 


Fortunately, both players got up, the play went on relatively unabated, but that didn't stop Luke Walton from storming the court after the officials for the no-call.

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