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Our Services


If you're looking for professional crews to manage the games at your league or tournament, there are several reasons why our union is the right choice for you!

What separates Ref Union from its competitors?

Strong Leadership


Our Founder has personally officiated over eight years at the college level and spent one season in the NBA Summer League and Development League program.  The majority of our affiliate assignors likewise are referees with dozens of years of experience, current certification in NFHS and/or the NCAA, and are widely regarded as some of the top officials in their region and sport.

Scouted Professionals


At most other agencies, referees are routinely hired sight unseen.

Our referees are personally scouted by our development team or referred by staff members working at the NCAA level.

Over half of our tournament officials have experience at the college level, local JC, NCAA Division 3, Division 2, Division 1 or have had training in the NBA G-League.

An In-Shape Staff

While not all of our referees can run a marathon, the overall fitness level of our staff far exceeds our competitors on the club basketball circuit. 

We expect our referees to stay in shape or greatly reduce their workload until they do —  so that they can get to the right spots to make the right calls.


Refreshed Referees


Our union rules do not allow referees to work more than four games in a row.  Tired refs make poor decisions. 

Our officials are always well-rested and ready to give their best efforts at your event.



Our assignor and site directors are present at every major tournament assisting with quality control.  They will be able to field questions/concerns about referees from parents or coaches so that your interactions with them can be free from tension, stress, and negativity.  Sometimes parents/coaches need somewhere to vent and it shouldn't be to the program host or tournament director.  We'll handle their micro-aggression so that you can focus on the bigger picture: networking, growth, and revenue!



Our contract terms are always clear; leaving nothing to misinterpretation about our pricing or expectations.  We treat basketball as our business.  The more successful your event may be and the more it grows, the better it is for us.

We provide the quality to allow your program to prosper.





We have been in the business over 10 years and have staffed major weekend tournaments of nearly 1,000 games.

We assigned close to 10,000 games in 2019 with a coverage rate standing at a verifiable 99.8%.



After over a decade in the sports industry, we can't say we know it all, but we know a lot about the difficulty behind running a successful athletic event.  Reserving venues, recruiting teams, hours upon hours of scheduling both teams and the staff, and prepping for the inevitable disasters of a broken rim or short-circuiting scoreboard.  When the tournament finally begins, your reputation is at the hands of the men and women in stripes managing your games and representing your brand.

Referees can make or break your event.  Make the right call with a union of officials that have been helping programs grow since 2010.

We invite you to get in touch with any of our program clientele for a reference regarding our good work.

Please also feel free to explore the site, including our Photo Galleries and Referee pages.  Check out how how our staff is trained.  See the values and culture we try to culminate within our group.  And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Official grassroots youth basketball referee explaining his call to a dubious coach.


Though independent tournament quotes may vary, it is best to budget at least

$60 per game/hour.

$28 minimum per referee plus a 8% administrative/assignor fee.


Headquartered in Southern California, we have also provided officials for tournaments in Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Utah.  We are expanding every year with contacts and officials throughout the country. 
Although we can't promise we can service your events, it never hurts to ask.​

Official grassroots youth baketball referees.


​Right now we provide officials for basketball and flag football, but we can refer you to where you can find officials for volleyball, softball, baseball, soccer, and/or other sports at no cost to you.

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