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Union Platform


Let Ref Union Represent You!

At Ref Union, your assignor is your agent ⏤ someone that works hard to represent your best interests.  This is a concept unfortunately lost on most contemporary assignors on the grassroots circuit.  Ref Union embraces the value of collective bargaining and representation when it comes to negotiation with league and tournament program clientele. 

We have our officials' best interest in mind during contract negotiations and always have their back on the courts.


What We Stand For​:

Competitive Pay


$28 per game, per hour, MINIMUM.

$28 per game is the minimum investment any league or tournament needs to make towards each official in order to put forth a quality product on the floor.

And unless the event involves a charitable cause wherein the proceeds go to charity, $30 per game is the starting point for all of future negotiations starting in 2023.

Guaranteed Contracts

We hold our staff to high standards of professionalism and it only makes sense that we require the same from our program clientele. We want to make sure that when you commit your time and confirm your assignments, you won't have the rug pulled out from under you if teams flake or forfeit.

We require 24-hour notice prior to any schedule change or game cancellation or else you will be compensated no matter what.

We utilize electronic payment apps for payouts on tournaments that deliver your fees to your bank account within 3-4 business days of the event's conclusion.  Albeit the youth leagues we service take a little longer, we also provide officials for leagues and multiple events per year that provide payments in cash on the spot, with absolutely no kickbacks or "assigning fees" owed on your money.

Reliable Accurate Payments

Coaches that Respect your Authority


For all the hard work referees put into their craft, Ref Union demands that they be treated with respect.  Therefore we require all our basketball program clientele to commit towards enforcing the "Respect for the Game" guidelines at all their leagues and tournaments.

Low Union Dues


$30 per year due after your first $100 earned on assignment. 
This covers our website expenses, Arbiter, marketing, and payroll system.

Unlike other agencies, which may charge hundreds of dollars a year, our union is committed to making you money, not taking it!




Our calendar is online.  Our assignments are public record.  Everything is out in the open — the who, what, where, when, and how much.  No details are hidden. 

We conduct business legitimately and out in the open, not under the table.


Within the Ref Union, referees and assignors are united in the best interests of integrity, high wages, transparency, legitimacy, and across-the-board accountability.


If you are interested in joining our group, please send us a message via the link below or through any of our social media platforms, or send your resume (basketball or otherwise) to

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