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Ref Union Hall of Records

Our referees are the best because they are motivated by the pride they hold for their craft and the love they have for the game. That said, to keep staff really on their toes during the grind of long weekend tournaments, we came up with the idea to "award" the best of each event in a recap sent out to the entire roster.  The awards ranged from the prominent MVP award, the Iron Man distinction (to the official that worked the most games on the weekend), and recognition to the top newcomer to the staff.  We also gave out the occasional raspberry to the referee whose performance attracted the most negative attention.  

To provide an even further a sense of history and where their accomplishments rank among all-time Foxes, we've gone through years of e-mails and recaps to form a Ref Union Hall of Records.

The following are our most decorated officials in our agency's history as well as a complete list of award winners from each tournament we've overseen since the awards started at the 2014 Open Gym Premier Kickoff Tournament.


At the bottom, you'll also see our heralded list of Rookie of the Year winner since our agency's creation in 2010.

Most MVP Awards

Most Iron Man Awards

Most Honorable Mentions

Most Awards Total

Joe Cain

4 x Winner

Greg Howard

3 x Winner

Ryan Liebengood

6 x Winner

Greg Howard

6 x Winner

Most Games
(Single Day Assigned)

Most Games
(2-Day Tournament)

Most Games
(3-Day Tournament)

Most Games
(4-Day Tournament)

Jared Snyder

Jared Snyder

11 Games

Damon McCaskill (pictured)
Tyler Painter

Oscar Diaz
Katelin Jorgenson

18 Games

Frank Cardenas

19 Games

Javier Zavala

22 Games

Gray Fox Tournament Award Winners

Gray Fox Rookie of the Year Award Winners

Agency Records

Most Games
in a Two-Day Weekend
Most Games
in a Three-Day Weekend
Open Gym Premier
WCE 25 Championship Tournament
April 7 - 9, 2017



Open Gym Premier
WCE 25 Championship Tournament
April 9 - 10, 2016
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