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Anthony Davis Ejected

Roughly 48 hours after LeBron James got ejected for the first time in his illustrious career, another superstar received his first career exit at the hands of the officials. Anthony Davis was ejected after thoroughly earning two technical fouls within 15 game seconds of each other — the first for arguing a no-call on a short-range hook shot and the second for demonstrative action towards a foul call against his defensive play on Karl-Anthony Towns.

After the game, Davis' teammate DeMarcus Cousins had this to say: "What I don't understand is that players are punished for playing off emotion or showing their emotion ... but other people are allowed to and it's totally fine."

My follow-up question would be: What "other people?" What people, in the name of emotion, get to attack the referees and get away with it. Certainly not Cousins, who has been ejected over ten times in his seven-year career. The NBA continues to be tough on unsportsmanlike decorum, holding its pros to professional standards, with emotion not being an excuse for undisciplined crazy behavior.



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