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Ref Union Launch

Ready or not, is finally online! It seems amazing that we've gone so long without a website. All our clients and our incredible union has grown to over 400 referees all come through word of mouth without a true online presence. Well, now we have one! Months of brainstorming, design, data entry, and I still don't think the site is quite what I want it to be, but we will definitely get there. Together. will be the centerpiece of our agency's infrastructure that will hopefully help expand our brand and become a voice for officials nationwide entrenched in grassroots basketball. It is going to be a lot of fun watching the site grow — uploading articles, videos, new Gray Fox gear, and integrating coaching resources with referee training material — finally putting coaches and officials the same page towards improving the club and recreational basketball experience.

NBA officials have the NBRA. High school and college officials have their representatives as well. FIBA officials are as cohesive a group as there could ever be. Grassroots, recreational, and club ball officials — it's our turn to come together — to protect our craft and do what's best for the game.



Providing league and tournament referees throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington.

Proudly representing officials nationwide.


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Click on the icon above to view our 2019 State of the Ref Union address, highlighting our Union's success from the last year and our goals for the next.


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