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Westbrook Jump Shot - Flagrant Foul

Hey everybody, I've been hard at work on the new website ( that I almost missed posting a few really unique recent plays from around the NBA. For example: this rare offensive FLAGRANT foul by Russell Westbrook (on a jump shot, no less!)

The savvy NBA observer will recognize it as an obvious offensive foul:

1) Russell Westbrook kicked out his leg to trip Bogdan Bogdanovic. NBA and NCAA officials have been on the lookout for leg kicks since it became a point of emphasis a few years ago.

2) Russell swung his arm downward in an overt/unnatural motion striking Bogdanovic in the face.

The combination of these acts led the referees to conclude a Flagrant was the appropriate penalty. However, the NBA later rescinded the Flagrant, determining "that the contact was part of Russell's downward [presumably natural] shooting motion and the defender was moving forward into his shooting space."

I agreed with the officials on both counts. The NBA agreed with the offensive foul but gave Russell the benefit of the doubt on the flagrant. What do you think?



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