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Curry Fined, Not Suspended, for Mouthguard Throw

Great point by one of my friends and fellow officials. By simply fining Steph Curry (drops in the bucket), this incident further reverberates a very disrespectful culture towards officials that will be felt from the pros all the way down to the club and recreational level. Leading by example starts at the top. So while I didn't initially believe Steph would (or deserved to) be suspended, upon further reflection, indeed a game or two would have made a very important statement, much more valuable than Steph's presence vs. the Mavericks tonight.

Politics! How is that not a suspension? If I threw my whistle at him I would definitely lose games....just sayin. They’re making it ok to be aggressive towards officials. I am a Steph fan btw...this is just a matter of right and wrong. I guess we have to get hit first....



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