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Las Vegas Day Trip

Nataly and I took a trip to Vegas for her birthday and visited the makeshift memorial of the 58 that lost their lives in the most senseless act of violence in United States history. It was disheartening and downright scary to realize that even a place like Las Vegas, known as a welcoming escape from worldly drudgeries, could become the site of an all-too-real tragedy that has shattered the lives of hundreds of people.

If this is the evil our society can produce, then our problems go far deeper and darker than we may tend to explore. But the uplifting part was a group of locals welcoming visitors to the memorial with free water and a friendly ear. If this is the goodness our society can produce, then we may still have a chance.

Vegas, as a community and as a city, remains what I've always known it to be — the biggest potluck, melting pot, or whatever analogy you want to use — of people united by a common love of colorful lights, music, entertainment and the off-chance we might one day get lucky. The rest of the country, especially Washington, should take notice.

#vegasstrong #vegasresilient #summertimebasketballmecca

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100% of the proceeds will go to the victims of the shooting, many of whom are S.O.L when it comes to medical costs and other expenses. Zappos is covering all associated admin fees.



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