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Gray Fox Officiating Unveils New Logo

In honor of Labor Day (which I celebrated by being so lazy and against any kinds of work that I pinned an old Facebook post versus creating a new one), Gray Fox Officiating is unveiling our new agency logo pushing forward our new identity as a union of sports officials.

Like our forefathers in the factories, farms, and mining companies that banded together to standardize worker treatment and pay, Gray Fox will work to improve the referee experience on the travel basketball circuit so it matches the already strict performance and accountability standards of our staff. 

The ultimate goal is to improve recreational and club basketball, bringing back a respect for the game. With referees playing such a vital part in how these games are run, we need a collective effort to protect the integrity of our craft so we can help the game, our clients, and the next generation of referees prosper together.

Stay tuned for our new website coming in time for the NBA season!

Design Credit: Adan Lopez




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