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Court Club Elite Las Vegas Camp

With over 100 referees from all over the world, Court Club Elite's Las Vegas camp just keeps growing bigger and better. And though this summer featured some infamous controversy, it ultimately strengthened our bond as a referee community and brought to light on a national stage the devotion and hard work we put into our craft whilst continuing to endure extreme scrutiny.

I was privileged to cover the event for the second straight year and extend my thanks to Ed Rush and Rob Rorke for the unique opportunity. Despite being a novice chronologist with no clue of what half of the buttons on my camera do, I nevertheless hope this album captures the spirit of Court Club from the action on the court to the camaraderie off of the floor.

Enjoy some of the best of Court Club moments in the album below, tag yourself, and share with your referee friends so that hopefully next year they can join in on the fun.

There are also 100s of other photos still on my hard drive, including lots more of Cameron Gelinas' guns, Jeff Hansen's perfect posture, and David Lee's piercing gaze. Message me if you want me to sift through and find any of yours. Or let me know if you have ideas for any better captions as my originality fizzled a bit after the 40th photo.

To become a part of Court Club and join us next year, follow this link:

Risk free trial, incredible possibilities.

Reference our owner, Chris Balasinski, on your application and get a free Gray Fox t-shirt and Fox 40 whistle.




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