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Adidas Regrets Removing Female Ref Who Gave LaVar a Technical Foul

"The referee substitutions made during our tournament last week are not in line with our company values," Adidas said in a statement Monday. "It was the wrong decision. We regret the situation and are looking into the matter to make sure our standards for sportsmanship, equality and fair play are met in the future."

Too little, too late?

Insider note: LaVar saying he was "always like this" is very disingenuous. Our group (Gray Fox Officiating) worked his games when they participated in Orange County tournaments as "Team Ball" years before Lonzo Ball became an NBA prospect.

Was he loud? Sure. Most club ball coaches are.

Was he a completely disruptive nuisance to the game? No.

Fame, fortune, and public callousness of his behavior enabled him to be the modern day embodiment of poor sportsmanship.




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