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The Big Baller Brand Controversy on Gray Fox Social Media

Earlier today I deleted a comment by a follower of our group that stated that per his opinion, the female official on this morning's game (Big Baller Brand v. Team BBC) should never have been put on that assignment, with an insinuation that Court Club should have known better.

While I hate moderating comments and would prefer a forum of open discussion, when something so asinine and borderline sexist pops up by a fellow referee outside of the situation, I cannot stand by it being on this page.

This morning's official had every right to that assignment, was more than qualified, and while indeed she gave Coach Ball a routine technical (of no incident or significance) on the previous day, in no way should that disqualify her from working his future contests.

Right now, various scenarios are being discussed by Court Club and Adidas. A rush to cynicism is probably the least productive course of action at this point. Unity means trusting your representative in matters of controversy and letting them do their job. Ed Rush and Co. especially have never done anything to earn this level of mistrust that I've seen out of so many gossipers today.

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