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LaVar Ball Situation: Initial Comments

I've already gotten several texts and phone calls about this morning's situation so I wanted to share with you a comment I extended to one of our followers.

"Albeit your anger and frustration is rightfully felt and extends to all of us at the tournament, please let's remember that one our rudimentary principles is to let plays start, develop, and finish.

This is still a developing situation.

And frankly, there are so many good things going on at this tournament and camp that I'm not going to focus coverage and give undeserved attention to a team that is 1-3 and has been outclassed, in every sense of the word, by every other program at the tournament.

There will be things to talk about involving Lavar Ball. And I want to save them for next week.

I believe there will be ramifications across the entire club ball circuit -- for the better. But unlike the subject in question, we won't act brash, but will handle it with professionalism and dignity.

Thank you!



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