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LaVar Ball Forfeits Playoff Game

I guess this is "big baller" behavior. 🤔

Check out the link below to see LaVar Ball forfeit a playoff game in one of the biggest club basketball tournaments of the year after getting a very routine technical foul for profanity (and most likely continous complaining). At the time, his team was up by nine points with just about 10 minutes remaining in the game.

Prior to the T, Lavar was incorrect in his comment that the official who called the personal foul reached out of his primary. In transition, the C's coverage can expand all the way across the court until the teams settle into the front court. The technical foul was administered calmly a

nd professionally by the crew chief. And then LaVar picked up his ball and went home.

Kudos to the three officials on this game. All three (except for Ricky; who always ducks my invitations to work 😛) are members of the Gray Fox Officiating Union.



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