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"Jam On It" Pay Grade Cuts

Those officials thinking about working "Jam On It" tournaments in the future may be interested to know about the most recent changes to their pay scale.

Essentially, Jam On It's owner and President will now be his own Director of Officials. His first and immediate order of business was to initiate a $5 PAY CUT and a $30 cap to referee pay grades.

Under the old structure, the pay scale was $25, $27, $30, and $35 depending on level/experience. Most officials were making $30 and $35 because that was the only way California and/or East Coast people would come out to work AAU games in the Midwest. There are rumors that the college pay grade of $35 is still on the table behind closed doors, but if this memo is any indication, Jam On It is in clear cost-cutting mode.

And Mr. Williams, despite his patronizing closing statement of appreciation, didn't waste any time in targeting his best refs as the first place to recoup money. By firing his Director of Officials and assuming the mantle himself, Jam On It has no referee representative negotiating or acting on behalf of the officials on the floor. It's now every official for himself.

Feel free to let Mr. Matt Williams know your thoughts via his contact info on the memo below. Let him know if you really feel appreciated by his latest moves.



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