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Lazy Use of the "Legal Liability" Excuse

This is one of the stupidest short articles has ever produced. I will agree that when playing conditions are dangerous, the referee should disavow/cancel the game. Player safety is one of our highest priority as sports referees.

However, wherein there are not enough players for an official game, a forfeit is called, and the remaining kids just want to run a scrimmage for fun, any referee who refuses to work (albeit still getting paid) would look like a complete jacka$$ for using the "legal liability" excuse, aka. the lazy modern man's "cover your a$$" approach.

And who wrote this ignorant article? Certainly not anybody that has any legal education (like yours truly). Vicarious liability for another person's injury only attaches in the case of negligence, a very difficult standard with five elements that are needed to be proven.

Don't be afraid of the legal boogyman! Always do what's best for the kids.



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