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Warriors v. Cavs Game 3: Draymond Green Sequence

Warriors v. Cavs Game 3: Draymond Green Sequence

On his move to the basket, Draymond Green hooks onto the arm of Kyrie Irving and leans into him to give the appearance of being hit on a shot. Lead official, Ken Mauer doesn't fall for it and subsequently, Draymond does not get into legal guarding position and trips up Richard Jefferson. Draymond's demonstrative action out of frustration earns him a technical foul, which Monty McCutchen gave quickly, calmly, and without making a spectacle of it.

Cut from this clip but appearing later in the telecast, Monty demonstrated to Draymond that he was very well familiar with his hooking technique and that he was not going to bail him out with a call on that play. That's why the commentators said that many refer to Monty as the best official in the NBA.



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