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NFL Celebration Rules Highlight a Valuable Lesson

Every league has its wet blanket.

I remember working a youth game in South Orange County when a kid made a three-pointer and followed it with Jason Terry's "jet" celebration back down the court. The opposing coach scolded me, "you're going to allow him to do that!?"

I replied with, "What? It was a nice shot. He's having fun."

Thereafter the coach wrote a several paragraph complaint to the league about how I was encouraging bad sportsmanship and "gloating" by not penalizing the kid's celebration.

I'm happy that the NFL rolled back its draconian stance against touchdown celebrations. There is nothing wrong with letting players express themselves and celebrate an incredible play. I think it DOES teach the kids a couple of valuable lessons: that sports is supposed to be fun and to take losing in stride — not be so personally offended just because the other team takes a creative approach to enjoying their victory.

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