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Rethinking T's for Unsportsmanlike Behavior

One of the rule changes I'd like to see come to high school, college, and the club basketball circuit is technical fouls not counting as personal fouls. Many referees probably refrain from addressing unsportsmanlike behavior such as Avery Bradley's —the aggressive arguing of a non-call —because the T carries so much extra weight on the non-professional level.

Ed Malloy calmly administers the tech and then walks away from Avery. The unsportsmanlike behavior got addressed, the tech only costs the Celtics one point, possession goes to the point of interruption, and we move on with play as we should. The entire process takes less than 20 seconds.

Two shots, possession, a team foul, AND a personal foul...that's a hefty penalty and puts referees in the crosshairs of complaints for being "too sensitive" or swinging the entire momentum of the game, simply for addressing behavior that needs to be.



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