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Devin Harris Ejected in Pelicans Vs. Mavericks Game

One of the newer rules interpretations that was introduced last year at the college level was the 'cylinder' around the offensive player.

“The cylinder is an area for the offensive player to start a basketball play, which is start a shot, a dribble or a pass. It’s defined as the hip area, the rear area, and the space in front of the offensive player when his elbows are bent and he’s holding the ball in front of him...if the defensive player invades that cylinder, if there’s any contact other than the offensive player clearing out space, then the foul’s going to be on the defender.”

On this play, Jordan Crawford caught the ball and, with elbows bent, was going to start a basketball play when Devin Harris ran right into his 'cylinder.' The contact resulted in Devin Harris getting an elbow to the face but it was a defensive foul nonetheless. His frustration for bearing the brunt of the contact and going after the official led to the ejection. Two other members of the Dallas Mavericks also got technical fouls for arguing the call.

Another learning point: Look at the great eye contact between slot official, Ben Taylor, and trail official, Lauren Holtkamp before Ben takes the call. This play had the potential for a BLARGE but the officials' teamwork and discipline prevented any embarrassing situation.

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