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Coach Ejected in Foothills Christian Vs. St. Augustine Game

Focus on the objective facts:

Foothills Christian called a time out that they didn't have in the crucial closing moments of the game. Following the automatic assessment of a technical foul, Foothills Christian Head Coach went onto the court after the referee and undeniably earned his ejection.

To the critics saying that the refs should have ignored the time out request — sure, I can agree with you, that would have been the best case scenario under a very liberal interpretation of the officials' responsibility. That said, the referee was following the fundamental black letter of the rule and should not be blamed for doing so. That is how officials are trained at the HS level, for better or for worse, to adhere strictly to the rule book and leave as much subjectivity out of the game.

Critics of the call are holding the Foothill Christian player to zero accountability. Likewise the head coach — the sad irony is that the first two technical foul shots, stemming from the extra time out, were missed. The game would have gone into overtime if the coach showed ANY restraint.

It is ok to blame the officials if it makes you feel better. It is ok to be angry at the cop who wrote you a parking ticket too. Next time though, maybe don't park so close to the hydrant?



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