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Preview of Upcoming Events Featuring the Gray Fox Officiating Staff

As announced yesterday afternoon, here is a preview of upcoming events featuring the Gray Fox Officiating staff:

March 4th - 5th: Team Nikos March Madness @ Ladera Sports Center (8 courts)

March 11th: Versafit 3-on-3 Tournament @ Momentous Sports Center (3 Courts)

March 11th - 12th: OGP Kings Tournament @ the Sports Academy in Newbury Park (6 courts)

March 18th - 19th: LA Elite March Showdown @ AIM Sportplex and Cerritos College (6 courts)

March 18th - 19th: Open Gym Premier Battle @ Next Level Sports Complex and Alliant University in San Diego (12 courts)

March 25th - 26th: Open Gym Premier Tournament (Name: TBA) @ Ladera Sports Center (8 courts)

April 1st - 2nd: Open Gym Premier Tournament (Name: TBA) @ Player's Edge in Corona (4 courts)

Kudos to all our great refs that make such opportunities possible.



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