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Questionable Foul on Wade

Refs miss calls. It happens. And sometimes it happens late at very important junctions of the game. The NBA recognized the day after that DeMarcus Cousins did not foul Dwayne Wade on his dunk attempt. You can tell by the lateness of the whistle that the baseline referee consciously deliberated on the play before finally making the call, based on the number of factors including Wade's awkward miss and subsequent landing, and that he was trailed by two Kings, one of which, DeMarcus did make (slight) contact with Wade's back.

Notice also that on the Kings possession right before the steal, head coach Dave Joerger was yelling for a timeout but nobody heard him. Similar circumstances happen in very packed high school, college, and even recreational settings wherein it is is inevitable that a raucus crowd can often drown out the coaches cries

Now in the NBA, college, and HS, the referees get to retreat into the safety of the locker room. Recreational settings leave referees exposed to players, coaches, and parents that might attack them (verbally, mostly) after a controversial finish like this. DeMarcus got to vent his frustrations at Michael Smith but we should never endure this kind of treatment from parents/coaches/players when we have nowhere to go. We stand for protecting the officials, regardless of the call and demand our clientele to do the same.



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