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Austin Rivers & Doc Rivers Both Ejected in Clippers Vs. Rockets Game

Like Father, Like Son....

The Clippers are all over our News Feed this season and give us our first interesting clip of 2017. Remember when we highlighted John Wall's ejection in November and how per the Respect for the Game guidelines, "making physical contact with an official is subject to immediate ejection..." although referees do recognize that some contact is certain to occur on the small confines of the court. In this case, Austin's contact doesn't look like much and appears inadvertent. Response as to the ejection's merit has yet to be released from the league.

Doc River's ejection seemed more warranted because he belabored an argument that was not really up for debate. According to post-game interviews, Doc was arguing that during the possession in which Austin Rivers got ejected, the referees called a common foul on the field goal but "forgot" to let Marreese Speights shoot his free-throw.

The tape shows no such foul ever called. Crew chief, Jason Phillips, explained the circumstances to Doc Rivers, who then went after J.T. Orr. Words were said, gestures were thrown, and Rivers got a one-tech ejection as well.

To all my crews, congratulations on making it through the December tournaments. Time for league play! Stay strong, stay healthy, and do what is best for the game.



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