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Gray Fox Ushers In 2017!

2016 was pretty polarizing. For some of my friends, it was a great year, but I can safely say that the majority of us are happy to see it go. Personally and as a business, it was what we call in the sporting world as a "rebuilding year," that will hopefully pay off in 2017.

Gray Fox is proud of all the great staff members we added to our mix and the new relationships we made through friends at the YMCA, Kings Academy, @laderasportscenter @losangeleselite and @teamnikos.

We look forward to building on these and new friendships in 2017. As the cliche goes, our future is so bright, we have to wear shades.*

*In reality those are 3D glasses for the Toy Story ride @californiaadventurepark. 🥂🍾

#happynewyear #2017 #FoxesinFlannel



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