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DeMarcus Cousins Returns After Getting Ejected in Blazers Vs. Kings Game

This is one scenario that I've NEVER seen before. DeMarcus Cousins gets ejected on his second technical foul, the referees confer with each other that the mouthpiece wasn't thrown but "fell" out of his mouth, the second technical gets rescinded on the spot, and DeMarcus gets called back out of the locker room to finish his own three-point play.

I think we've all had incidences where things were said, misinterpreted, and a technical gets assessed that upon more objective reflection may have been unwarranted. After all, a player's "intent" is incredibly hard to assess but the guiding principle is that the onus is on the player not to put himself in a situation where his behavior could be reasonably interpreted as unsportsmanlike.

This is the first time I've ever seen a technical being taken by the referees on the floor. I would have loved to have listened in on the huddle and gotten briefed on how the league assessed this action by the officials!



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