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Back to Back Technical Fouls in Rockets Vs. Warriors Game

Great clip here brought to you by NBA Hotspot:

On this isolation play, Draymond Green allowed James Harden to drive right and sacrificed his legal guarding position, which has been unanimously interpreted as meaning an initial position of two feet on the ground and (torso) facing the opponent. When Harden went around Green, subsequent contact involved Draymond jumping from Point A to Point B making side contact with the airborne shooter. That Harden anticipated and was "seeking out" the contact, according to Reggie Miller of TNT Sports, is irrelevant. The onus is always on the defensive player to stay legal throughout the play.

Green was issued a technical foul for demonstratively arguing the call (including jumping and punching the air). Warriors coach, Steve Kerr, received a technical foul for arguing the call for the duration of the technical foul shot, free throws, and next possession down the floor. That is consistent with the Respect for the Game guidelines penalizing continuous complaining.



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