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Ref Union fondly remembers and honors one of the greatest contributors to its organization's history — Chasin Mitchell — who passed away weeks before the 2017-18 season from diabetes-related complications.

Chasin was an inspiration to referees through his hustle and talent as well as the friendship and smile he brought to every event.  Chasin had a history of ailments, least of which were two knees requiring surgery from his playing days, yet he was still able to sprint up and down the floor ahead of referees that were a decade younger and presumably "on the path" to college and the pros.

Chasin had his own aspirations of working collegiate basketball but likewise appreciated the grassroots circuit (the club basketball level) where kids learn how to play and officials learn how to ref.  As a former coach at Servite High School, he was as much of a mentor to his players as he was to younger officials. 
He was a trusted site director, reliable scout, and proud brand representative for the Gray Fox Officiating Union.


Most of of all, he was a loyal and caring friend.

We miss you, buddy.  #DOMAOut

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