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Being in the business for almost a decade, we can appreciate the challenges facing assignors in today's marketplace.  Assignors are the middle ground between two very capricious opposing forces.  You have to negotiate with clients who are looking out for their best interests and profit.  
At the same time, you have the foremost duty to represent your roster and make sure your officials are well-compensated, fairly treated, and safe.  
You have to manage your roster's various personalities while trying to get their best for the good of the game, while having to worry about referees game-shopping on you, showing up late, or not at all.  While you can fine them and suspend them all you want, with as much basketball as there is, they would just go work for another league/assignor who may not know about their transgressions.  Finally, you have to worry about those other assignors siphoning your talent, undercutting your prices, and engaging in an unnecessary price war that drags us all down.



Assigning can be a sinister business.  We want to make it at least a little easier.  We want to make it legitimate. We want to create a network (or Union) of assignors that pledge to do business the right way.  We want to play by ONE set of guidelines for the benefit of our entire industry.  Even though we believe in a healthy market of competition, it should be based on QUALITY and the merits of our organizational skills; not on destructive bidding wars.   

Referees need to be able to trust us. They need to feel secure that when they go to work for us, it is under a fair rate, one that we worked hard to negotiate.  There needs to be a transparency in the way we do business to get professional referees back onto the recreational/grassroots circuit; reinvigorating our depleted pool of talent to make all of our jobs easier.

To achieve this, we have crafted this agreement of FIVE PRINCIPLES that we would like all assignors (or assigning agencies) to sign onto for inclusion on our list of affiliates:

If you are an assignor that can pledge to uphold the five principles above, we would love to promote you and your independent organization as an affiliate of our Ref Union.  And we would love to work with you to make officiating a fun and profitable venture for the next generation of referees.

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